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We are Anglux a boutique digital agency in the Silicon Roundabout and West London. Our core is search engine optimisation (SEO) and Paid Search. Founded by Pedro Matias, who has over a decade of page one SEO in London. Beyond white hat, we are crystal clear SEO.

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We have a track record of helping studios, brands and some of the best London has to offer to achieve and maintain better results on Google. In an industry (and time) riddled with short term thinking, we think differently and value long term strategic thinking and partnerships. 

We deliver outstanding services and experiences to each and every one of our clients, based on transparency, experience, results, customer dedication and a culture of availability.

Naturally, we work with only a select few clients at any given time. Most of our clients are at home in the London and UK markets but we work internationally.

Our Clients

Some London and worldwide leading brands we have the privilege to work with

We cater to a diverse client base from tech startups and innovators in the Tech City, Old Street and Shoreditch. All the way to the other side of town in Hyde Park, Soho, Marylebone and Mayfair. We work with the technology, sports, luxury, fashion, beauty, health and media industries to mention a few. We have a culture of doing, availability, educational consulting and transparency in an industry famous for myth, secrecy and entertainment metrics.

Our collaborative approach works both ways with a large variety of London and worldwide freelancers, web designers, digital marketing agencies and hosting companies of all shapes, sizes and provenances. This means we will always have great talent with the desired skill set at your disposal, and the fierce will to find her/him if not!

If your business intersects with the Iberian or South American markets and the Portuguese or Spanish language, we are also keen to hear from you. Anglux is laying roots in Lisbon and Barcelona.

My dating agency had completely lost its Google rankings due to thousands of toxic links. Anglux quickly spotted what was wrong and rectified the problems. Our good ranking has been restored. They also worked with my web designers, intelligently implemented many ideas to help ranking and UX. They are extremely diligent, thoughtful and available if one has a question or urgent task to attend to. Pedro is also one helluva nice guy. See what they can do for your site!

Mary Balfour

Mary Balfour

founder & Director

Meet the team

Pedro Matias SEO Consultant

Pedro Matias

Founder – SEO Director

Specialises in SEO and WordPress, with nearly two decades in digital including various agencies, academia and running a very successful SEO consultancy since 2010. Pedro his an avid 10K runner and enjoys escaping to the sun, volcanoes and squash. Pedro He Anglux on 2016.

Charlotte Owen

Charlotte Owen

Copywriter – Content Manager

Is our Copywriter and Content Manager she helps our clients with the daily management of web content, ads and marketing materials. She is responsible for tuning down keyword usage. Sophie enjoys hiking long walks, nature and is passionate about learning new languages.

Lorenzo Sergi

Lorenzo Sergi

Local SEO Specialist

Is our Local SEO Specialist. He was always intrigued by website development and how they ranked on Google. His interest in SEO grew after taking various digital marketing courses. He loves cooking, going to the gym, listening to good rock and roll music and travelling.

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