Passionate About Our Clients

We aim to deliver an outstanding service to each and every one of our clients. Read our client reviews!

We are Anglux Digital in the silicon roundabout, our core is SEO and Paid Search. Founded by Pedro Matias with a decade of SEO in London helping brands and some of the best of kind business of London achieve and maintain better results on Google, in an industry (and time) riddled with short term thinking, we think differently and value long term relationships and strategic thinking.


We cater for a diverse client base from tech startups and innovators in the Tech City, Old Street and Shoreditch, all the way to the other side of town in Soho, Marylebone and Mayfair and the technology, sports, luxury, fashion, beauty, health and media industries, to mention a few. We have a culture of doing and availability.


Our collaborative approach works both ways with a large variety of London and worldwide freelancers, web designers, digital marketing agencies and hosting companies of all shapes, sizes and provenances. This means we will always have great talent with the desired skill set at your disposal, and the fierce will to hunt if not!


We also have clients in Barcelona, check out our budding (hola) including the superyacht industry no less. We would be excited to work with any UK-Spain and UK-Portugal projects. English-Spanish SEO, English-Portuguese SEO. (.pt is on the way).

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