Artificial Intelligence Assistant In Google Analytics Mobile

This is both part of Google’s continued inroads into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and mobile first, or in this case mobile only, the analytics assistant is a machine learning feature that seems quite useful, and is only available on mobile and tablet apps.

Not to be confused with tag assistant. Analytics assistant trolls through all your Google Analytics data and comes out with some insights of its own, at first glance appear to be really useful and can inform the production of content. In fact, the assistant can make suggestions based on their insights it came up with.


Nothing earth shattering or that you couldn’t come up with by yourself, but of course, if AI can do it for you, more time left for you to do something else.

The above is the big yellow screen you will find the first time you log in since the launch of the feature. Afterwards, you will see it in distinct orange as the top option in your right hand side list of links, so pretty unmissable!

For the blog post where it was announced go here. And the dedicated support page can be found under Google Analytics Help. Here are a couple of excerpts that explain what it is and how it works.

Your AI analytics assistant will learn from you too, not just your data, if you like things, it will give more of those, if you dislike them it will show you less, with Facebook style thumbs up buttons and everything!

Analytics Assistant

Make better decisions with meaningful, actionable insights.
Google Analytics Assistant helps you explore your data and find opportunities to improve your business.

Assistant shows you insight cards that help you make decisions about the performance of your website or app. Cards may also contain recommendations for actions or further investigation. Assistant learns from your feedback which insights are most interesting to you. You can share these insights with anyone.


How Assistant works

Assistant analyzes your data, detects interesting patterns and issues, and shows you the cards that might be most meaningful to you. New insights are generated automatically every few days.

Depending on your site or app’s usage, your Assistant feed may show a lot of insight cards. Although you can’t customize the insights, Assistant learns what type of cards are the most interesting to you, based on your feedback and interactions, (e.g., clicking, sharing, pinning, and liking/disliking a card).

In the spirit of mobile friendliness, you can share the cards it offers to your social, email and text message, at least in iOS it is easier and simpler to send cards as pngs or jpegs by text than by email.

Where there is an improvement they are marked as better in green, or as worse in red if they perform worse. Neat!

I’ve just created a new category on Artificial Intelligence and you should read my last post on RankBrain for mere mortals as well!

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