How Does No Link Building SEO Work?

Link building isn’t what it used to be. In the past, companies and organisations placed a great deal of effort into creating offsite links in order to win over the search engines and improve their rankings. However, this approach is no longer suited to the modern age.

No link building SEO build bridges not links
No link building SEO works by building bridges not (bad) links

The dying practice of link building

Many business owners have been hit hard by poor-quality link building and other errors. Bad link building can actually deliver the opposite effect to what is desired and send websites down the search rankings. Efficient “no link building” SEO strategies help sites recover from poor-quality link building. No link building SEO strategies and white hat approaches which prevent clients from being penalised by Google in the first place, we can think of modern SEO in terms of “earning links” you know, on its own merits like in “real life”.

Modern, effective SEO solutions

Companies and organisations who have purchased poor-quality SEO services in the past and need to recover should opt to not build any more links until it is clear that they removed all bad links. They should instead invest resources into unique quality content that answers user needs and engage in legitimate online and offline promotional activities that assert the brand’s expertise in their field. Google has become incredibly sophisticated at spotting black-hat tactics and penalising sites accordingly over the years, and they continue to become even better at this with each passing year, now this process is much more automated with Artificial Intelligence than prior to 2015.

Creating quality content

One of the best ways to impress Google and do better in search engine rankings is to create valuable, useful content. It’s also important to get poor-quality backlinks removed as quickly as you possibly can if you suspect these are compromising your search performance. It’s true to say that high-quality links can help Google decide how useful your page is, but low-quality links can seriously hinder your performance.

Anti-link building updates

Black-hat SEO companies were able to make considerable sums of money building bad-quality links for many years until Google started to outwit most of them. It eventually introduced a new algorithm to help solve the issue, and this update was called Penguin. It was implemented in 2012 and designed to penalise sites depending on spammy backlinking techniques to artificially inflate rankings. The update was designed to ensure links were only used for reasons including relevance and quality. Many content creators are now refusing to produce spammy content purely designed for SEO purposes in order to protect their reputations.

Avoid penalties with natural links

Natural, good-quality links from reputable sites won’t get you penalised by the search services. However, Google now finds it easier than ever to distinguish between links that have been earned and those that have been bought or built. There are several things you can do to earn good-quality links that won’t get you penalised by the search engines.

How social media can help

Social media gives you a valuable opportunity to earn good-quality genuine links that Google will look on you favourably for. Companies that wish to succeed and prosper need to work hard to increase their social media reach and build up as big a following as possible. It is possible to use social media to earn genuine, beneficial links to drive traffic to your site. You can do this by frequently offering up useful, informative and shareable content to your followers. When your target audience is engaged, they can help you increase exposure for your business, help you win new customers and clients and generate leads.

Targeting your content

To serve up content that your audience is genuinely interested in, think about who your target audience is, what they like and dislike and what they are likely to find useful and informative. You can use various analytical tools to determine how successful your social media campaigns are, and you can use the information generated to tailor your content directed towards the needs of your audience. The more useful your content is, the more likely it is to be shared, which enables you to increase authority and win the trust of Google.

Interact with your audience

Don’t forget to interact with your audience on Google. Answer their questions and pose interesting queries to get the conversation started. This enables you to create robust, long-lasting relationships and strengthen your web presence. Some social media channels will be more suitable for your business than others – if you mainly deal with other businesses, LinkedIn may be your best option, but if you need to sell products and services to the public, you will need a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Boosting reach

Social media advertising has also helped companies from all kinds of sectors to boost reach, win over growing audiences and drive sales, offering a valuable alternative to dangerous and counterproductive link-building. Social advertising can help you reach scores of new customers and win natural links. There are many targeting options to choose from that will help you attract the right people, and it’s easy to focus on people of a certain age, in specific locations, interested in specific things. It’s important not to underestimate the role social media can play in helping you earn organic links to your site. Furthermore, producing informative, useful content and encouraging people to share it can help you establish yourself as a leading player in your field.

Improve rankings naturally

It’s strongly recommended that you attempt to boost your search engine rankings naturally, without risking penalisation from Google. Use only white-hat tactics to help you achieve your SEO goals and consider opting for a mix of SEO, paid search and content marketing. This approach can help you achieve the rankings that you desire regardless of which industry you operate in. Stay focused on delivering long-term white-hat strategies that enable you to soar to the top of the rankings and stay there.

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