How To Create Property Sets In Google Search Console

This is a new feature in the Google Search Console that lets you group all versions of one domain under a property set. This will enable you to monitor impressions and clicks in the same report. Up until now, that was not possible and you would need to for example look at www and non-www version of a site in a different report.

Create a set

That was the why for the how. From your search console homepage look for the button “Create a set” such as in the image below.


Search Console Home - Create Property Set

Search Console Home – Create Property Set


You then should be presented with a screen such as the below. You can add versions of the site to the current set from the “select a member to add” dropdown menu.

Adding more domains

As you can see, I have a few versions of this domain I also have the .com, and .london, that redirect to the .uk. Therefore, I want to track this under the same set, as well as the www and non-www versions of each one.

Search Console Edit Property Set

Search Console Edit Property Set


You can still see each domain or version of a domain or subdomain separately as before.

For more on the actual details of how to set up and what domains and versions to add see the official Google recommendations page.

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