Local SEO & Google+ Local

Local SEO will bring you more local customers

Local SEO is SEO targeted to a specific area with terms and topics that are location specific.


We have extensive knowledge in the local market within London, our work and experience spanning a decade, and a large number of verticals, we can distinguish the wheat from the chaff, which in Local SEO terms means we know the difference between SPAM fly-by-night results and a solid long term local search strategy for a long term thinking and established or aspiring business just like yours.


We will not sacrifice your business reputation in favor of fast short lived results.

Local Term and Topic Targeting 

Local SEO in our case would be to target London and queries related to both your business products or services and London, or even for example just central London, North London and so on, we can also target individual neighborhoods, if your business is specific to just a few areas, if for example you operate just in Westminster or the City.

Google My Business and Google+

We understand the London market and will research each and every minute detail of your business, in order to provide you the right target audience that are genuinely interested in your products or services. We have a proven track record.

With continued mobile growth and Google’s push of all things mobile, Local SEO is absolutely vital.