SEO Case Studies

Luxury brands SEO recovery from 2022, 2023 and 2024

SEO Case Studies – Luxury brand 2023 to 2024

In this post I look at some SEO recovery and growth case studies in the last couple of years. Of course not all clients were this rosy, if you are one of the less fortunate ones. Please remember that like with any recovery, it can take time.

1100 Growth since March 2023

Google has also release three core quality updates in 2023 and a few more including a spam one, two of these in the last quarter. This is a great indicator all is not well with the Google Algo Gods, and there is plenty of spam surfacing and legitimate hard working sites like yours, being unable to recover or demoted. Hope fully they will find a fix for this mess soon.

While the fundamentals of SEO and SEO recovery remain unchanged in 2024, it’s crucial to acknowledge the emergence of a new layer of AI. Adapting and optimising for this AI dimension is now an integral part of ensuring your SEO strategies keep up with the times.

This luxury brand in London, has gone through a rebranding and launched a new site in earl 2023, this resulted in a decline from over 50 to 100 organic visitors a day to less than 10. Yes, you read that right, and this is far more common with site redesigns than yo might think.

The worse part here is that, this was done by an SEO agency. So no excuse other than incompetence.

The Problem – New Site Launch 95% SEO drop overnight

In January 23 the client launched a new site, the branding and user experience were refreshed and greatly improved. However, the SEO agency simply did not have the technical know how to transition the site to a new domain without losing traffic.

Traffic in 2022 Old Site

This led to several issues that became apparent immediately the day after the new site was launched. the most obvious one being redirecting all urls to the homepage. But there were others.

Some time has passed which made recovery harder. It always does, the longer the issues linger the harder it gets.

The Solution – Over 1100% SEO growth in 10 months

Following a comprehensive SEO audit, I pinpointed and resolved several issues. Additionally, I implemented strategic changes that not only recovered the lost traffic but also spurred additional growth.

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I did ask both ChatGPT and Bard and they can confirm the growth is indeed 1100%. Where can you get stock or ISA that return a fraction of that?

Screenshot 2024 01 02 at 23.22.26

Zero link building

That’s right, zero link building. Since the recent anti trust case in the US against Google for using clicks in rankings, every pundit and their dogs, feel it is again a great time to sell links and making no mention of Google updates, or manual and algorithm penalties for paid and other dubious links.

We have build not links so far, and made substantial progress on technical issues and content.

In conclusion

My SEO audit and implementation of changes successfully solved the problem of the 95% organic traffic drop after the website redesign. My client regained the lost traffic and generated additional growth.

SEO Case Study Luxury Brand 2023

SEO case study, throughout 2022 we had the pleasure of working with a very exclusive luxury brand in central London. For privacy, we are not at liberty of disclosing the website. However, you can look at some of the data and graphs below.

We started work in March and saw SEO recovery and growth of over 200% in less than six months. This was a very rewarding project and needless to say the client was over the moon.

SEO recovery + over 200% growth in less than six months

SEO recovery case study 50% SEO decline with new site launch in late 2021

The Problem – New Site Launch 50% SEO drop overnight

In late 2021 the client launched a new site, the branding and user experience were refreshed and greatly improved. However, there was no consideration given to SEO. This resulted in a number of issues that were reflected immediately the day after the new site went live.

Just by looking at the data in Google Analytics and later in Search Console we could at a glance see a pattern we are very familiar with. In fact, we were so confident of the initial analysis that we guessed the date the site went live just by looking at this data. The client then confirmed this was the case.

50% SEO decline with the new site launch

50 SEO Decline with New Site Launch

The Solution – Over 200% SEO growth in less than 6 months

After conducting a thorough audit, we identified and rectified numerous issues. We were also able to implement changes that not only recovered the lost traffic but also generated additional growth.

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Steps Taken: First, we analysed the website to identify any technical issues that may have caused the traffic drop. We looked at the website structure and content, as well as metadata and keyword optimisation. We also conducted a competitor analysis to identify areas for improvement.

In this case, we had lost traffic to some of the most visited pages from Google, since these top pages on the old site were neither created nor redirected from the old site.

In addition, the site also suffered from a hack since launch and had a few hundred pages injected into it, further complicating the rank drops

We worked closely with the branding agency, the designers and the developers as well as copywriters and the client. In total, we interacted, liaised and guided over 20 people across a few teams. We provided clear action points to solve the new site migration issues as well as guidelines on all aspects of the website. Our work was hands on making changes were possible.

Conclusion: Our SEO audit and implementation of changes successfully solved the problem of the 50% organic traffic drop after the website redesign. Our client regained the lost traffic and generate additional growth.

It should also be said that the recovery and growth were purely on solving the technical issues, new content and content and site structure improvements and optimisation.

We have provided extensive competitor analysis and recommendations on link building and digital PR. However, this is one of these brands that proababl needs no active link-building to be successful. Their location and prominence are enough to generate all the links they need.

Over 200% SEO growth in less than 6 months

GA data over 200% SEO growth in less than 6 months

Past Google penalty recovery and growth testimonial

My dating agency had completely lost its Google rankings due to thousands of toxic links. Anglux quickly spotted what was wrong and rectified the problems. Our good ranking has been restored. They also worked with my web designers, intelligently implemented many ideas to help ranking and UX. They are extremely diligent, thoughtful and available if one has a question or urgent task to attend to. Pedro is also one helluva nice guy. See what they can do for your site!

Mary Balfour

Mary Balfour

founder & Director

What is SEO Recovery

Why you might need to consider it?

This often happens when companies hire black hat SEOs, typically heavily relying on keywords and link building. Often come alongside fast results and sharp rises in traffic, which, may sound great at the time but soon prove not to be the case.

The most common issue and the one we come across regularly happens with companies that hire SEOs that are not forthcoming with the practices they employ and do not explain the full spectrum of SEO from whitehat to blackhat.

Website Redesign SEO Recovery Agency

Learn how we can help you with website redesign Google penalties. We have been helping London, UK and worldwide business recover from Google website redesign penalties for over a decade.

SEO Penalty Recovery

Can we promise recovery from SEO results decline?

The short answer is no! Nor should anyone else, if they do, they’re simply not telling you the truth.

We do promise “our trademark” commitment and persistence! This has in the past returned recovery even in very complex black hat networks, such as one of the most extreme cases we’ve worked on so far in 2018, with multiple layers of PBNs from different sources.

Why you should hire us for your SEO recovery in London and the UK?

We have almost a decade of common sense SEO strategies and results of our own and many of our clients, that corroborate our claims. Please read our client’s reviews going back quite a few years.

If you are a large corporation, we do have NDA examples of our work in SEO recovery, SEO strategy and a combination of SEO and CRO from large companies and multinationals. We may be able to provide samples or a personalised testimonial of our work with them, ranging from one-off audit reports to SEO recovery audits, followed by SEO strategy and hands-on implementation with teams that involve interacting, liaising and leading teams with 10 or 20+ members, from CEOs and C-level to copywriters and developers.

How to do SEO recovery in 2023?

Pretty much as before, there have been some major changes since 2018 with HTTPS, the mobile-first index and the advance of AI. However, the basis of SEO and SEO recovery seat on the same pillars of common sense and best practices as before.

8 Ways Luxury Brands Can Leverage SEO

8 Ways Luxury Brands Can Leverage SEO

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New website SEO recovery FAQ

Migration to a new server and rankings dropped?

This is more common than you think if your web designer or company did not consider SEO prior and during the move, it is possible, even highly likely that something is not working as before, broken links and broken link redirects are very common reasons, but blocked pages and other technical issues are also likely.

Website redesign and rankings dropped?

This is also very common and the reason, is the same as the ones above with server migration, sometimes as a combination of a new site and a new server.
New site designs are often accompanied by a change of platform (CMS). From WordPress to Squarespace or any other and vice versa. Also to note that in most instances the new content may be substantially different from the old one.
While you may have attempted to provide better content, “Google may think” otherwise. And again in this scenario unless you have involved an SEO prior to and during a site redesign, some of the technical issues above are likely to be present.

My rankings dropped was it an algorithm change?

This is very common too, Google makes small adjustments on a daily basis, in addition, major releases are sometimes announced such as the “June 2019 Core Quality Update”. In the past, we had Panda (content-related) and Penguin (incoming links related) that would give website owners a clearer idea of the type of issue affecting their websites. An experienced SEO should be able to match the data from your site to known algorithm changes to begin scoping what may have impacted the ranking drops.

What common technical issues cause rank droppings?

One of the most common rookie mistakes is blocking Google from crawling the site or parts of the site, this might happen during theme and plugin updates on your site.
Others include the redirection of old to new URLs, and for example, HTTP to HTTPS migrations not properly redirected e.g. a server update recently stopped from 301 (that’s the technical name of the redirect btw) to

Does site speed affect Google rankings?

Site speed has been a ranking factor for a while now, and this is even more relevant in the mobile version of your website, as we now have the Google mobile-first index enabled on most sites since mid 2018. Every millisecond counts, it might be time for a new server, a new website or just simply pay attention to the size of your image files, by size I mean in Mbs and KBs as opposed to pixel dimensions. There are a variety of tools to test the speed of your site on both desktop and mobile versions.

Have questions or comments we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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