WordPress SEO Training

One to one or group  WordPress SEO training tailored to your knowledge and website or project.

Learn how to do modern SEO with durable results. We advocate a content based approach to SEO and work within Google guidelines with long term business goals in mind.

Learn how to develop and manage your WordPress website. We are well suited to train beginner and advanced users including freelancers, business owners, managers and their teams.



Beginner WordPress SEO training

Our bespoke beginner WordPress SEO courses are tailored to your needs. If you are completely new to WordPress, SEO or both, or have just started this is the ideal course for you. Our courses are not an academic exercise one size fits all. However, you can expect to learn all the basics of WordPress SEO best practices. What constitutes good and bad SEO.


Beginner WordPress SEO topics we can cover:


  • Wordpress.com (cloud based) vs wordpress.org (self-hosted)
  • White hat SEO vs Black hat SEO
  • Staying within Google guidelines
  • Brief overview of Google search algorithms
  • Best WordPress SEO plugins
  • Technical SEO basics and auditing tools
  • Crawling, indexing and ranking
  • Keyword research and tolls
  • Developing a keyword strategy
  • ON page ranking factors
  • Page structure for good SEO
  • Website architecture
  • Over optimisation
  • Off page factors - link building vs link earning
  • Social media for SEO
  • Content marketing and modern SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO

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Advanced WordPress SEO training 

The advanced WordPress SEO courses assume a degree of knowledge and experience of both Wordpress and SEO. As a guide, the list of topics in the beginner course should be an indicator that you are an advanced user. If you feel you and your team are comfortable with most of these topics we can tailor your course accordingly.


Advanced WordPress SEO topics we can cover:


  • Hosting for SEO and server location
  • Website speed and caching plugins for Wordpress
  • Google spam algorithms
  • Selecting the "right" WordPress theme for your own skills
  • Advanced Wordpress technical audit
  • Google Analytics setup and configuration
  • Google Search Console setup and configuration
  • Google My Business setup and configuration
  • Keyword research and tools
  • Advanced keyword strategies
  • Website architecture for SEO
  • Over optimisation
  • Link earning and link building in 2017
  • Social media for SEO
  • Content marketing and modern SEO
  • Promotional vs informative content
  • Mobile-first Index and a mobile-first world (NOW)
  • Woocommerce SEO for your online shop

Training locations in London

We can travel to you in London and meet at your office, workplace, at your hotel or favourite coffee shop. We are also part of a co-working group with over 20 locations in central London. From Old street and Shoreditch to Green Park and Oxford Circus. Also many other locations within the London inner ring road.


  • For 2 hour one to one training communal areas and rooftop cafes are available.
  • For teams and more private arrangements, we can hire rooms at these locations.
  • Additional cost from £20 per hour - depends on location and number of people.

WordPress SEO training cost

The cost is calculated for your specific course, please get in touch.


There is a two, three and four-hour model and other combinations are also possible.


If you are outside London or the UK, we are happy to travel to meet you. Extra arrangements are typically travelling and stay.




Training is currently delivered by Pedro Matias, you can call him on +44 (0)7809 616 807.
Two to four hour slots are normally available within two weeks at the most, please get in touch with your preferred dates.

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