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Bespoke WordPress training courses 100% relevant

WordPress Training London

Courses are conceived and delivered with your and your team’s specific business goals and personal knowledge in mind. We cater for the total beginner to advanced users, all the way to building and developing a site such as these in our portfolio and beyond. Delivered in central London and virtually over Zoom or your favourite Video App.

Bespoke WordPress Training

We offer custom designed WordPress training sessions to fit your specific needs, training will be based on your current website and any combination of sessions as necessary. Or as a complement to any WordPress consulting and development work we carry out for you.

WordPress Training London

Advanced WordPress training course

Suitable if you feel comfortable with most of the topics in the beginner course.

  • Setting up a Woocommerce store
  • Themes vs Frameworks
  • Selecting the right theme for your skills
  • Website architecture for SEO
  • Running a live test environment
  • Installing and configuring WordPress
  • Installing and configuring themes
  • Installing and configuring plugins
  • Child themes for making changes safely
  • Backup WordPress files and database
  • WordPress updates and security
  • Move WordPress within your server or to a new server
  • SEO plugins and themes
  • Website speed and caching plugins
  • Convert wordpress.com into a wordpress.org CMS website
  • Anything specific to your project

Beginner WordPress training course

For the total beginner or someone new to WordPress, we can cover:

  • WordPress.com vs wordpress.org
  • Choosing a good hosting company
  • WordPress settings
  • Theme installation and configuration
  • Choosing a good theme for your skills
  • Plugin installation and configuration
  • Page structure basics for SEO and UX
  • Adding pages and posts
  • Website architecture
  • Editing pages and posts
  • Drafts and publishing
  • Formatting content
  • Adding media, images, video and sound files
  • Working with widgets and sidebars
  • Backup your content via XML
  • Anything specific to your project
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WordPress Training London

Advanced WordPress SEO training

The advanced WordPress SEO courses assume a degree of knowledge and experience of both WordPress and SEO. As a guide, the list of topics in the beginner course should be an indicator that you are an advanced user. If you feel you and your team are comfortable with most of these topics we can tailor your course accordingly.

  • Website speed and caching plugins for WordPress
  • Selecting the “right” WordPress theme for your skills
  • Advanced WordPress technical audit
  • Google Analytics setup and configuration
  • Google Search Console setup and configuration
  • WordPress site architecture for SEO
  • Woocommerce SEO
  • WordPress Canonicalisation
  • WordPress indexing what to index
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema and Rich Snippets
  • AMP is it for you?
  • Content marketing and modern SEO
  • WordPress Mobile SEO

Beginner WordPress SEO training

Our bespoke beginner WordPress SEO courses are tailored to your needs. If you are completely new to WordPress, SEO or both, or have just started this is the ideal course for you. Our courses are not an academic exercise one size fits all. However, you can expect to learn all the basics of WordPress SEO best practices. What constitutes good and bad SEO.

  • WordPress.com (cloud based) vs wordpress.org (self-hosted)
  • White hat SEO vs Black hat SEO
  • Staying within Google guidelines
  • Overview of Google search algorithms
  • Best WordPress SEO plugins
  • Technical SEO basics and auditing tools
  • Crawling, indexing and ranking
  • Keyword research and tolls
  • Developing a keyword strategy
  • ON page ranking factors
  • Page structure for good SEO
  • Website architecture
  • Off page factors – link building vs link earning
  • Mobile SEO

As we offer bespoke courses, the above serves as a guide to what we can cover, however, your specific course will be tailored to your and your and your team’s current knowledge and website or the plans you have for your next one.

Pedro and Anglux were super friendly and have been a great help with my WordPress site.
Can highly recommend them!! 🙂

Caroline Deisler

Caroline Deisler

Model & IG Influencer

WordPress training London locations

  • Virtually – including multi-location video conferencing
  • At your office within zone 1 to 3, further out may carry other charges
  • Another place you work from, hotel, gallery, museum, etc.
  • At our office in Paul Street. Additional fees may apply
  • High-end venues across London (dedicated work wifi network) 

If you’re outside London or the UK, we are also more than happy to travel to meet you, please get in touch to discuss any extra arrangements, typically travel and stay

How much does it cost?

Prices are currently on a per project basis please enquire 

100% relevant to your site

  • You can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, card, cash or Bitcoin
  • All training requires advance booking and payment

WordPress training for teams

Team workshops are now an extension of one to one training with a fee p/hour per person.

Begins at 2 hour sessions

See also SEO Training London.


Book Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00 hours, slots are normally available within two/three weeks at the most.

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We look forward to making a difference to your business

WordPress Training FAQ

How is WordPress training priced?

WordPress training is currently priced on a per project basis, depending on the site you are using, your (your team’s) skill level and the combination of sessions as needed.

Who is this WordPress course for?

This course is for users of WordPress of all skill levels as in the options above, as well as some fairly advanced server migration and site clonings. Includes child theme creation and potential some minor code edits and small changes. It is not, however, designed for web developers or coders in the strict sense.

Where is the WordPress training delivered?

Please see above, this can be at your office, our office in Paul Street Shoreditch or a number of high end locations across London, the UK and beyond, and also virtually if you prefer.

How relevant will the course be to our website?

100% relevant we usually work with your site and completely bespoke designed around your content as well as the skill level of any course attendee. We can also use a temporary site on our servers if you do not have one yet, or your site is about to launch but you still have no access to it.

Do you offer follow up support after the course?

Yes, we support you with any questions related to what was covered in your course. We also have further consulting and support options for more in depth and ongoing support.

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