Mobile-First Index FAQ

This post covers Mobile-First Index (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions and is formatted with structured data. Read also: What Is The Mobile-First Index And How It Affects SEO?

Google Mobile First Index FAQ 2019

Does the Mobile-First Index Involve Adding Mobile Pages to a Separate Mobile Index?

Google will use only one index with mobile-first index. The mobile version of a website will be the one used for indexing in most cases. Whereas before the desktop version was the one used for indexing.Is Mobile-First Index Already Implemented?

Yes. Google rolled out mobile-first index in 2018, although it is not clear if it has fully rolled out worldwide at this stage.Will Mobile-First Index Impact My Rankings?

Google will determine your ranking based on your mobile website. But if you don’t have a mobile website, it will use your website version.Do I need to Have a Mobile Site?

Google will still use your desktop website if you don’t have a mobile version while ranking. If you don’t have a mobile website your rankings can suffer compared to other mobile-friendly websites.What is the format of this post on FAQ?

This is a small experiment we are running to test FAQs with structured data and voice search.I read this post and still have questions about the mobile first index?

We understand that and would be surprised if you did not have more questions on the mobile-first index. If you head for the contact page we do our best to answer any questions you send us.

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