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Globe with many round watches a metaphor for Wordpress updates

Why You Must Update WordPress, Themes And Plugins

As well as WordPress itself, don’t forget to also upgrade your site’s plugins and themes. You can keep all of these up to…
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Moving HTTP To HTTPS Your 2017 #1 Resolution

SEO benefits aside it seems clear, in terms of conversions there is really no choice. If you want to understand this further, head…
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yin and yang of seo

Why Your SEO Agency Is Only Telling You HALF The Story

It is simple, by the time you find out what SEO truly is, they have cashed out and moved on to the next…
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Promotional vs Informative Content For SEO And Content Marketing

Think about your users, what questions they might have, answer those and participate, REMEMBER to be informative, you need to leave your sales…
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Google logo for RankBrain

What Is Google Search RankBrain [For Mere Mortals]

RankBrain is an AI (artificial intelligence) system. Not to be confused with Google Brain, although certainly part of it. RankBrain is not an…
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SEO vs Paid Search Which Is Best

Is SEO Better Than Paid Search?

If you can have both PPC and SEO as part of your overall digital strategy, you most likely will be best served by…
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Content marketing book labyrinth

How Does Content Marketing Affect SEO In 2016

To summarise content marketing in 2016 affects SEO more than ever and the opposite is also true. Whether these effects are positive or…
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Dummy holding chess queen

How To Create Engaging Blog Posts

Towards the end of the blog, remember to include a call to action that people will be compelled to make use of.
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Language settings Google Analytics

Remove Google Analytics Language Spam [secret google.com]

The most annoying form of this new type of Google Analytics spam. Language SPAM, was around the US elections, where you would normally…
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How To Remove sharebutton.to Analytics Search Spam

This post is mostly about sharebutton.to "search terms" spam, but I also cover sharebutton.to 'refferal spam", which is just as annoying and as…
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