Google Search Assistant From Mobile First To AI-First

I normally like to let the dust of the news settle before covering anything that really matters. This really matters, I’m covering just the day after the breaking news.

Google is fiercely leaving the web, getting into your home, your car and virtually anywhere.

Google Assistant Your own personal Google

You do not need to get the new fancy Google Home device or the “Pixel phone”, to have a taste of this, you can try Google Assistant with the Allo App for Android and iPhone.

Both have just launched, and the origin of all the fuss, from Google’s own blog to BBC and everyone else.

A couple of things are striking, unlike Siri, Cortana Or Amazon’s Echo, it can have a conversation with you.

You can have a conversation with Google

You can ask directions to work tomorrow at 10.00, it will reply with car option most likely.

You can then ask, “what about by bike“, not only will it understand and give you new directions and time estimate, it will continue, if for example your then simply ask, “and walking“, it will understand that too, and give you the new times and routes.

Even more striking is the statement below from the aforementioned announcement post on the Google blog.

From Mobile First To AI-first

If you thought RankBrain was cool or impressive, wait until you step into an AI first world, the machine is here and here to stay, in Google’s world, the machine is first!

Certainly a far cry from “Don’t be evil” and “put your users first” mantras of the text only Google. I’m not going to mention privacy, or NSA having access to your home or pocket, because, well they already do anyway.

But I digress, this post was about nerding a little about the technology.

The last 10 years have been about building a world that is mobile-first, turning our phones into remote controls for our lives. But in the next 10 years, we will shift to a world that is AI-first, a world where computing becomes universally available.

In many ways this is exciting and also challenging for all of us in the SEO and web industry. Of course “universally available” needs to be taken with a great pinch of salt.

Here’s a nice video to entertain you.

Are you jumping in with Zero concerns about privacy, or feeding the Goliath with yet another layer of personal data?

Let me know your thoughts below.

I’ve just created a new category on Artificial Intelligence and you should read my last post on RankBrain for mere mortals as well!

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